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Friday, 20 September 2013

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Express diet for 5 days

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Estonian diet - is an express diet for 5 days, and its main rule - the separation of the products, i.e., in one day used only one product. · So on day 1 - 6 boiled eggs; · 2nd day - Half a kilo of fat-free yogurt. You should not fill with sour cream; ·

The third day. 700 g of white meat chicken, the best fillet; · Day 4 - 200 grams of cooked rice; · Day 5 - 6 medium boiled potatoes. With diet to exclude salt intake, she calories, if you feel faint, you can eat an apple or a pear that fill the lack of iron in the body, and immediately feel better.

These fruits are perfectly combined with other products. By the way, the diet Robert Atkins, a famous nutritionist, based just on the optimal combination of food. Express diet for 7 days - For a week to get rid of 5kg - fantastic, here to help us come to the Europeans express diet for 7 days is built on the ideal combination of products. Such diets allow you to lose weight quickly, and you cannot go too far with them. Otherwise disturbed metabolism and it takes a lot of trouble.
 If you follow the rapid diet for 5 days, and then stick it to just 5 days, rather than two, and not a week.

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