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Saturday, 24 May 2014

1. Movement affecting the position of the ankle joint

The same is true in reverse. Wrong shoes, wrong position of the feet, improper pressure or movement affecting the position of the ankle joint This in turn translates to a faulty position of the knee joint, as well as hip. Well, and if we go further along this line across the bottom of the spine, we get to the top of the cervical spine, where we were due to a bad foot position may annoy annoying pain. Have you ever wondered what is actually required for your leg? What features must serve every day..? I admit that even I, until recently, the issue is letting quite indifferent. Anatomical, bio mechanical structure and multiple functions make this part of the lower extremities important part of the axis system. The incidentally arises already at between 4 and 5 week gestation fetus, it's a little later than the developing upper limb. But to feet of function: in addition to bipedal gait (movement using two limbs) therefore serves also as a shock Mechanical shock generated during movement, maintains an erect posture through continuous postural activity of the gastronomes muscle (sole us) Carries the weight of our body compensates bumps, but also serves as a pro prospective body, thus allowing the perception of muscle tension, position and limb movement. Often also talks about gripping the legs. This is clearly evident in the neonatal period.

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