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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Reviews of thermal underwear of weight loss

Reviews of thermal underwear of weight loss
Reviews of thermal underwear of weight loss

The Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program recommends: once removed underwear, be sure to take a shower and put on clothes made of natural fabrics. Lena: I wear shorts on fitness - After two weeks hip significantly declined in volume.

Very cool thing. Natalia: I use shorts and belt Sutra, put them on a run. Also keep to a diet, so the weight goes quickly. Hope: I put on underwear in fitness - club and sit still on a diet. This month managed to remove 4 cm and 5 cm waist with your hips. If you lie on the couch, then the effect will be zero.

Valeria: I use thermal underwear with anti-cellulite agents. Also, once a week doing vacuum massage - During the month of cellulite leaving only small traces. Very happy! Thermal underwear for weight loss: the use of particular - Do not wear underwear for more than three hours per day, it is dangerous to health. Due to violations of heat and sweating there is a risk of dehydration. While wearing underwear drink plenty of fluids.

During the training you need to drink a liter of still mineral water in small portions. Under the set of slimming wear cotton underwear. Be careful with T-shirts and tops. Warming effect in the breast can cause mastopathy. If there is swelling or allergic reactions refuse to wear clothes.

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