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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Customized Fat Loss Review - How Many Calories you need to Lose Weight

 how many calories you need to lose weight
 how many calories you need to lose weight

The Customized Fat Loss Review

Kyle Leon example, for high and good men, and for a small and slightly plump women need different amounts of calories, the article will help to calculate the correct amount of calories and do not be mistaken.
Also an important factor in calculating how many calories you need to lose weight is a way of life. Office worker and professional athlete need different catering. In order not to get lost in all the intricacies of the site to get rid of cellulite provides you with a simple formula to count calories.

First we need to determine how many calories you need for normal life. For women and men, this number will be different.
To calculate the amount of calories to the base female, multiply the original weight to 9.99, add this number to increase in centimeters multiplied by 6.25, to remove the next number equal to your age, multiplied by 4.92 at the end subtract 161. For men, the formula is similar, except for one detail: do not take 161 and add 5.

Now you need to make an amendment to the particular way of life. The main rule of weight loss: To lose weight, you must consume a lot of calories more than you consume. Only in this case, the body begins to consume stored fat, so again preparing the calculator and start counting. If your lifestyle rather be called active and you do not exercise at all, and then multiply the previous result by 1.2

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