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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Bodybuilding

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Bodybuilding - Bodybuilding - bodybuilding is a great exercise to increase muscle mass, so that stimulates increased production of testosterone and decreased cholesterol with Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon There is a greater release of testosterone, and promote greater use of fat as an energy source.

It also stimulates an increase in muscle mass. Moderate intensity training can get to burn about 300 kcal. Dance - dance promotes the movement of a large number of muscles, so it is a great option for those who want, and have fun and relax from the stress of day-today, lower few inches.

One hour lesson can reach spend on average 350 kcal. Eating Carbohydrate consumption varies according to the total time of exercise and the intensity, but a good choice is to consume about 20g of carbohydrate every 30 minutes in exercises Physical intense and which are upwards of an hour.

" The body needs energy source," he explains. For bodybuilders, which focuses on mass gain, the indication is to supplement with protein blends pre-workout, about 30-40 minutes before, this will ensure a level of amino constant during training and will be essential to gain muscle mass.
Generally, post-workout, proper nutrition can enhance calorie burning and is critical to the recovery of the body. "Bet on protein foods with low fat, such as fish and lean meats," says Santo. Our indication is that students start the activity with calm, so it becomes easier to understand the bodily changes that arise," says Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon.

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