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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Reduce the load

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Reduce the load
Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Reduce the load

Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon  

 Reduce the load and decelerate the movement in bodybuilding and fat loss says Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon Those who practice bodybuilding knows that the load used is associated with increased muscle mass.

The more charges, the more the results but to achieve this goal in less time, you can also use other strategies, such as speed, for example. The final phase of the exercise in strength training, also known as eccentric, if done at a slower rate than the initial reaches boost metabolism and even the strength of who performs the activity

"We hold more weight in the eccentric phase, since the muscles lengthens. We do a little stronger concentric phase and prioritize the eccentric movement of the arms up and down," said Triage Magnus, physical educator of WM Fitness. It is also important not to drop the weight once because off the biceps muscle and there is a very large impact on the joint. In the lower limbs, the movement is also important to be less rapid.

Practice and note the results. "In bodybuilding you cannot increase the amount of load or speed of the exercise at will. Teacher monitoring is necessary. Aerobic we also should not increase stress, such as weight or incline without the technical support professional," reveals.
Heating According to Limeira, you must always perform a warm up before starting an activity "Trotting before the race, 'play ball' before football, or run more reps with low load before the first series in bodybuilding" exemplifies the orthopedist.

These signals to the body that will start physical activity already static stretching is directed toward more flexible with Customized fat loss scam by Kyle Leon.

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon-Physical activity

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon-Physical activity
Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon-Physical activity

Kyle Leon Reviews Importantly, this link between the medical, physical activity and nutrition says Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon Especially because no use to kill themselves at the gym and not have a nutritional education
You need a good guidance to achieve the desired goal, be it weight loss, increase muscle mass and etc ", determines Cunha. Intensity For personal trainer, walking is an exercise without contraindication, if done with common sense.

"Everyone walks on the beach, in the park, an activity is beneficial to health, but we must take into account the intensity. If the person is sedentary, the ideal is to walk lightly and then leave for a more moderate and intense" explains. According to him, other exercises, such as transport, cycling and swimming can be done quietly by who just started practicing an activity. But he recommends immediately suspend the exercise to feel any discomfort. Activities high impact should be avoided at the outset.

"Exercises that require specific training and physical conditions are not given prior to the person who is starting, because of the high risk of injury. Entire physical activity should always be started lightly and then evolve," says Limeira. Principal injuries Eager for quick results, there are people who put health at risk.

"There are overuse injuries ('overtraining'), traumas due to lack of knowledge and / or preparation and injuries due to lack of physical conditions necessary for the practice, they happen for lack of direction and supervision," explains orthopedic surgeon. Cumae important to respect the body limits to prevent damage to muscles and the spine with Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon.

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Best fat loss advice

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Best fat loss advice
Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Best fat loss advice

Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon  - It will take the workout seriously this year? First see a doctor for the best fat loss advice says. A new year begins and many people have traced as plan for 2013 start practicing a physical activity.
However, before beginning any exercise you must consult your doctor to avoid any problem. " The first care to be taken is to pass a cardiologist for a check-up and make sure that no arrhythmia or cardiac dysfunction" , recommends personal trainer Ricardo Cunha, the RC Training.

An orthopedic evaluation is also critical. " A lot of people get to do an activity and feel back pain, knee and has no information that could be it," said Cunha. According to Fabric Limeira, an orthopedist who specializes in sports medicine, monitoring is important to diagnose some disease hitherto hidden. " When the person consulting the orthopedist and already have a diagnosed condition is easier to prescribe specific activities to avoid injury," explains Limeira.

Only after the initial assessment is that doctors may ask for some additional scrutiny "If the person is healthy, usually the most simple are enough to start a physical activity," says orthopedic surgeon. According to Cunha, knowing the type of trampled is also a good way to decrease pain and impacts caused by physical activities. "You can take an exam, know the foot type and footwear buy one most appropriate for this type" recommends.
The personal trainer also indicates the accompaniment of a nutritionist before starting the workout with Customized fat loss scam by Kyle Leon

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Bodybuilding

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Bodybuilding - Bodybuilding - bodybuilding is a great exercise to increase muscle mass, so that stimulates increased production of testosterone and decreased cholesterol with Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon There is a greater release of testosterone, and promote greater use of fat as an energy source.

It also stimulates an increase in muscle mass. Moderate intensity training can get to burn about 300 kcal. Dance - dance promotes the movement of a large number of muscles, so it is a great option for those who want, and have fun and relax from the stress of day-today, lower few inches.

One hour lesson can reach spend on average 350 kcal. Eating Carbohydrate consumption varies according to the total time of exercise and the intensity, but a good choice is to consume about 20g of carbohydrate every 30 minutes in exercises Physical intense and which are upwards of an hour.

" The body needs energy source," he explains. For bodybuilders, which focuses on mass gain, the indication is to supplement with protein blends pre-workout, about 30-40 minutes before, this will ensure a level of amino constant during training and will be essential to gain muscle mass.
Generally, post-workout, proper nutrition can enhance calorie burning and is critical to the recovery of the body. "Bet on protein foods with low fat, such as fish and lean meats," says Santo. Our indication is that students start the activity with calm, so it becomes easier to understand the bodily changes that arise," says Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss – How to reduce the issue of excess weight

How to reduce the issue of excess weight
How to reduce the issue of excess weight

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - It is believed that a person performs all of the work by the inner workings of the subconscious, which is directed primarily at making change old and not very useful habits with new ones, to help maintain health, and therefore a healthy weight.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program - The work of this method is to ensure that the specialist helps to understand personal reasons for excess weight and internal beliefs that prevent getting rid of excess weight. It turns out that no matter the amount of excess weight as soon as you can deal with the internal settings and change them, it will start the process of losing weight.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: What is the essence - Probably everybody knows that psychologists are divided on the mind of a man conscious and the unconscious. The first is that we can analyze, remember and use at their discretion.
The second is not subject to the will of man, but he often does not even know what it contains. And it is this part of the mind is greater and there is a source of the most secret desires, feelings, and motives of the person. It is also a source of human fears, problems and complexes.

In our case, it is easy to illustrate the unconscious. Let's say you want to lose weight and promise yourself to the next Monday that will start to stick to a particular mode: increase physical activity and reduce the portions yourself.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review About Adolescent males

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review About Adolescent males
Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review About Adolescent males  

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss review

Adolescent males who are even slightly overweight face an increased risk of heart disease later in life, even if they get thin in adulthood, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Regardless of your weight in adulthood, men who were obese as adolescents were almost seven times more likely than their thinner peers to be diagnosed with heart disease in their 30s, the study found. Adolescents heavier than the average, whose body mass index was in the normal range were at increased risk as well. (Body mass index, or BMI, is a ratio between weight and height that provides a rough estimate of body fat.

The good news is that the same did not happen with diabetes. IMC of a man as an adult, but as a teenager, was linked to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, weight loss eating right and exercising seems to go a long way to prevent the onset of the disease, researchers say."For those who have not become obese as adults, the risk of diabetes decreases, but heart disease is not the case," says the study's lead author, Amir Trios, MD, an endocrinologist at the Hospital Brigham and Women's in Boston.

"You do not just get rid of the risk by reducing the weight’s Body remembers when we were walking around with a higher BMI." Current weight and recent weight changes strongly influence the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In contrast, the results suggest, the narrowing and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) that characterizes heart disease and often goes hand in hand with obesity, both of which are exacerbated by a poor diet and physical inactivity is gradual and difficult to reverse, even with weight loss.

It is important to bear in mind that being overweight is not only responsible for heart disease or diabetes, says Daniel Marques, MD, a pediatric endocrinologist at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland. Nutrition, exercise and lifestyle of others, he says, have "a much greater impact" on the risk that body size alone.

Two people with the same BMI might have very different risks for diabetes and heart disease if one exercises regularly and others not, says Dr. Marks, who was not involved in the new study. "BMI is an indicator for the choices of poor lifestyle," he explains.

"But it's the lifestyle that will get you in the end. We all need healthy lifestyles." In fact, even some boys in the study whose BMI were considered "normal" were at increased risk of heart disease in adulthood.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines children and adolescents with a BMI between the 5th and 85th percentile for age normal but Trios and colleagues found that boys with low BMI to the 50th percentile, which equates to a BMI of about 20 were at increased risk. "For patients at the higher end of the normal range, physicians should be addressed risk factors such as family history of heart disease and smoking," says Dr. Trios.

Customized Fat Loss Reviews - Fats in the diet should be reduced

Fats in the diet should be reduced
Fats in the diet should be reduced

Kyle Leon  Fats in the diet should be reduced as much as possible, but not completely eliminated, since many of the fat are important for the functioning of the organism, the production of hormones.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - In the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, they serve as fuel for the body to produce energy. Eliminate all fats from the diet, is himself weaken and cause abnormalities in the organs of the body.

The proteins play an important role in weight loss. Without enough protein in their diet for weight loss, will leave not only fat but also muscle mass in almost equal proportions! The sources of easily digestible protein: chicken white meat, fish, milk, cheese. Sugars are present in almost every dish, but the fact is, whether they are monosaccharides, disaccharides or polysaccharides.

Monosaccharides are found in sweet honey, sugar, fruit, and pastries. Energy we obtain all of them rapidly and at the same excess to be stocked in the body as fat. So try; if possible, avoid the use of monosaccharide-containing products. Polysaccharides, in contrast, release energy more slowly and last longer, so it is the best source of carbohydrates.
Contained in the starch of the bread is not the sifted flour, rice. Just reduced by half and use of carbohydrates, give preference to those products which have been processed as little as possible. Significant weight reduction is not long to wait, if you stick to these simple guidelines.

Customized Fat Loss Reviews - the preservation of a flat stomach

Customized Fat Loss Reviews - the preservation of a flat stomach
Customized Fat Loss Reviews - the preservation of a flat stomach

Kyle Leon As it revolve around a lot of money and even more money spinning industry in diet, so there will always be supernovae, which will be published and advertised in magazines, talk about them in TV shops, etc. etc. Because there is also spinning a lot of the funds received from those people who believe in miracles.
Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Anyone familiar with the sport not broadcasts knows that the only way to reset the operating overweight - its diet and physical activity and of course, genetics plays a big role. But that is another topic of this post.

Weight loss is really a serious problem for those who consume more calories than you burn throughout the day. Either select the control method - a diet or to diversify his life physical activity, better yet, do both.

There is a rule of thumb for centuries - there are small amounts, but often because it is a constant supply of food to the body maintains a constant metabolism. A fast metabolism, this is just what you need to burn fat. At the same time, small portions do not stretch the stomach, which also contributes to the preservation of a flat stomach. Rule - "do not eat after five" - is meaningless, but it should reduce the carbohydrate content of your evening menu, and generally avoid carbs before bed!

Customized Fat Loss Reviews – How to achieve weight loss

 How to achieve weight loss
 How to achieve weight loss

Kyle Leon Weight Loss - How to achieve this? Move more and eat less. If you used to take in the morning, break for breakfast two steps. The first is a light, 1-1.5 hours before training, the second - a more dense. Before class do not lean on fat, indigestible foods, high fiber (animal fats, fried meat, beans, beans, etc.).

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Drink plenty of water - your body needs in a timely entry of moisture. Permitting regime, drink 20-25 ml of water every 10-15 minutes of exercise. The water must be cold - it is absorbed faster, but not ice cold - not to get sick. The loss of salt in sweat is relatively small, if you do not you train in the heat. In these cases, replace conventional mineral water. In using pre-workout energy drink; watch that it was no more than 8-10% carbohydrate.

Harmonic mode - Actively ebbs centimeters from the thighs and buttocks, do not forget about exercises for the upper body. After all, a good proportion of the impression.
Do not forget to take breaks between sets to different simulators. But with a break between workouts do not experiment. Go to the gym at least twice a week. Otherwise not adapt to the load, and each time is the first. But to bring the occupation to fanaticism is not worth it. After a workout, you need to relax - For this purpose, perfect pool is the best choice.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Customized Fat Loss Review - How to lose weight in a week

The Customized Fat Loss Review - How to lose weight in a week, The Customized Fat Loss Review, kyle leon
The Customized Fat Loss Review, kyle Leon

How to lose weight in a week: exercise and diet - The issue of combating overweight is relevant at all times. Now the authentic review.
Kyle Leon Review Customized Fat Loss Program will help you to find out physical exercises to burn the fat. However, it is particularly acute rises in the summer, on the eve of a trip to the sea. That's when we begin to look for various options of diets that can help us lose weight in a week. To learn how to lose weight in a week - Is it possible to weight loss in a short period of time without harm to the body?

Various versions of express diets that exist today are able to cope with some extra pounds. And if someone promises you a weight loss of 10 kg, it is possible that delusion and hope for such an effect in one week still not worth it.

However, the part with 3-5 pounds overweight, subject to certain rules still possible. Even if you have found your version of how to lose weight in a week, consider carefully whether you fit this diet. After all, the best option diet you can observe all his life.

Of course, no one is deprived of the joys of calls from the reception of delicious food all the time, but to dream, of course, you can. Tea lovers invited which allows extracting from tea party favor.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss - Reviews of thermal underwear of weight loss

Reviews of thermal underwear of weight loss
Reviews of thermal underwear of weight loss

The Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program recommends: once removed underwear, be sure to take a shower and put on clothes made of natural fabrics. Lena: I wear shorts on fitness - After two weeks hip significantly declined in volume.

Very cool thing. Natalia: I use shorts and belt Sutra, put them on a run. Also keep to a diet, so the weight goes quickly. Hope: I put on underwear in fitness - club and sit still on a diet. This month managed to remove 4 cm and 5 cm waist with your hips. If you lie on the couch, then the effect will be zero.

Valeria: I use thermal underwear with anti-cellulite agents. Also, once a week doing vacuum massage - During the month of cellulite leaving only small traces. Very happy! Thermal underwear for weight loss: the use of particular - Do not wear underwear for more than three hours per day, it is dangerous to health. Due to violations of heat and sweating there is a risk of dehydration. While wearing underwear drink plenty of fluids.

During the training you need to drink a liter of still mineral water in small portions. Under the set of slimming wear cotton underwear. Be careful with T-shirts and tops. Warming effect in the breast can cause mastopathy. If there is swelling or allergic reactions refuse to wear clothes.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Thanks to the warming effect of fat loss program

Thanks to the warming effect of fat loss program
Thanks to the warming effect of fat loss program

Kyle Leon - Thanks to the warming effect of all processes in the muscles markedly accelerated. Faster the burning of fat and muscle tissue in the reduction of tone, also, you'll notice that the skin in these areas becomes taut and smooth. For the impact of the press buy a special belt and shorts are required for the hips.

Putting on a set in a gym, you increase the efficiency of load in half. In addition, thanks to the action of compression can keep in shape not only muscles but also the blood vessels. This is an excellent prevention of varicose veins.

In addition, some manufacturers add a special fabric impregnation (caffeine, extract of seaweed), which affects the subcutaneous - fat and removes lumps.

Thanks to the warming of the pores open and the nutrients get to the right place quickly and without obstacles. If you have purchased thermal underwear for weight loss does not have a similar impregnation, then you may use the usual cream.

Any means applied to the skin under the underwear penetrates into cells better. That is why some women besides anti-cellulite creams, use nourishing and moisturizing mask.

Link will help make cellulite cream at home, which will help more than a vehicle purchased in the store. Thermal underwear for weight loss reviews, shoppers - Absolutely all the girls who used linen, noted that without a comprehensive approach weight loss is impossible.

The Customized Fat Loss Review – How to promotes weight loss

 How to promotes weight loss
 How to promotes weight loss

The Customized Fat Loss Review  However, despite the effect produced by it no laundry promotes weight loss. It is appropriate to be used in conjunction with exercise and diet. Some women even choose to wear to fitness club underwear for weight loss. Reviews indicate that the effectiveness of training while significantly increasing.

Therefore, manufacturers have promised not to, and without the work and effort you lose weight is unlikely. Weight goes with increased calorie intake, and therefore, no exercise is necessary. Massage problem areas - Lingerie for slimming can be in the form of shorts, leggings, belts and shirts.

There are also costumes with long sleeves and trousers, but they are only used by professional athletes for a rapid weight loss. Some models of thermal underwear can be made of lumpy tissue that is able to massage the body in motion for the best effect.

Even underwear slimming without additional elements of - for a snug fit to the body and a warming effect can create a feeling of light massage. It accelerates the metabolic processes in the cells of the skin and subcutaneous - fat as a result, the faster the flow and lipolysis.

The impact on individual muscle groups on fat removal - Often, even those who go to the gym regularly, note that some muscles are more difficult to lift and strengthen. Usually it is a stomach, buttocks and triceps. In this case, thermal underwear is your salvation.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - The Problem of Excess Weight is Familiar

The Customized Fat Loss Review - The problem of excess weight is familiar
The Customized Fat Loss Review - The problem of excess weight is familiar

The Problem of Excess Weight is Familiar

Kyle Leon Review The man himself has to believe in the success of the enterprise, this is especially true for those who have decided to use hypnosis for weight loss audio and video hypnosis for weight loss. If in doubt, it will be more difficult to achieve a result.

Hypnosis and their habits will have to change anyway. If you continue to eat high-calorie foods, and in considerable quantities, and thus lead a sedentary lifestyle, the weight will inevitably return. Stability must be maintained. Thermal underwear for weight loss: the effectiveness of thermal underwear, reviews - The problem of excess weight is familiar to many. To fight this problem spends a lot of effort, time and money.

Diet and athletic exercises produce results, but not immediately. But the special underwear helps to speed up the process. Today's Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program wants to talk about slimming underwear. What is the "sauna effect"?

For the production of linen, which helps to lose weight, use of modern technology. Such clothing is usually composed of two layers. Lower - this is ordinary cotton, which absorbs moisture, and the top - a mixture of neoprene and nylon.

Neoprene - the newest material that helps keep the human body heat. Thermal underwear for weight loss causes the temperature in problem areas with which it comes into contact, and increased sweating. Together with then the body loses excess fluid, which adds weight and volume.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis for weight loss
Hypnosis for weight loss

Take advice from nutritionists: 

Kyle Leon Review Reduce the level of calories by 20% when trying to reduce your weight. In any case, the daily amount of calories should not be less than 1200. Also note that at very low calorie content of their menu, you run the risk of slow down the process of losing weight. The explanation is simple: the body that will receive less energy will by all means try to save what is.

That's why with the rapid weight loss, there comes a moment when no longer to melt pounds, despite all efforts. Hypnosis for weight loss (video and audio)

How does it work? In search of new and innovative solutions for getting rid of excess weight is constantly coming up with new methods to reduce it. Recently, this method is gaining momentum as hypnosis for weight loss. It attracts the attention of many, as the promises weight loss without diet and exercise: you're sitting at your computer, and your pounds melt away before your eyes. Picture attractive, but how effective this method.

In this and try to figure out on the site to get rid of fat deposits with the help of The Customized Fat Loss Program. What screams advertisement? Advocates claim that hypnosis for weight loss does not have any side effects and is safe for health. In this case, the result is long-term and repeated sessions are necessary just to keep fit.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - To determine exactly how many calories

For those who do exercises in the morning, or a couple times a week to visit the gym to use the coefficients of 1.375
The Customized Fat Loss Review determine exactly how many calories you need a person to play sports more than 2-times a week, multiply the number of calories per 1.5 Professional athletes and those engaged in heavy manufacturing, you must use the factor 1.8

Thus, we can calculate the number of calories necessary for the person to lose weight because of its initial body weight, height and lifestyle. It is this personal approach gives the best results. Here is a concrete example to help you count. We expect a basic amount of calories for a woman weighing 70 kg, height 163 cm also take into account that she works in an office and is not engaged in sports.

Women age 35 years. The Base Exchange = 9.99 * 70 +6.25 * 163-4, 92 * 35-161 = 1384.85 calories And if we take into account the sedentary nature of the work, the amount of calories = 1384.85 * 1.2 = 1661.82 calories - So many calories you need in order not to gain weight woman in our example.

I would also like to note that, based on the formula with the age of the woman will need fewer calories. Lose weight easily - We calculated the required level of calories in order to not gain weight. Well, in order to lose weight, they need to be even smaller.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - How Many Calories you need to Lose Weight

 how many calories you need to lose weight
 how many calories you need to lose weight

The Customized Fat Loss Review

Kyle Leon example, for high and good men, and for a small and slightly plump women need different amounts of calories, the article will help to calculate the correct amount of calories and do not be mistaken.
Also an important factor in calculating how many calories you need to lose weight is a way of life. Office worker and professional athlete need different catering. In order not to get lost in all the intricacies of the site to get rid of cellulite provides you with a simple formula to count calories.

First we need to determine how many calories you need for normal life. For women and men, this number will be different.
To calculate the amount of calories to the base female, multiply the original weight to 9.99, add this number to increase in centimeters multiplied by 6.25, to remove the next number equal to your age, multiplied by 4.92 at the end subtract 161. For men, the formula is similar, except for one detail: do not take 161 and add 5.

Now you need to make an amendment to the particular way of life. The main rule of weight loss: To lose weight, you must consume a lot of calories more than you consume. Only in this case, the body begins to consume stored fat, so again preparing the calculator and start counting. If your lifestyle rather be called active and you do not exercise at all, and then multiply the previous result by 1.2

The Customized Fat Loss Review - How fast can you lose weight on a treadmill

How fast can you lose weight on a treadmill
How fast can you lose weight on a treadmill

How Fast Can You Lose Weight on a Treadmill?

We, of course, do not say that it can be done within a week. And let's not forget that a lot depends on the amount of extra pounds, the rate of metabolism, from your physical activity and, finally, from the power supply. And even if we talk about the treadmill, do not expect quick results of Customized Fat Loss Review.

When practiced regularly, they will become visible in about a month. It is worth noting that on average, one hour sessions on the treadmill can lose about 650 calories.

This is a fairly good indicator for the level of other cardiovascular equipment. If you are going to lose weight on a treadmill, you know, it will help you not only in this endeavor.

After a few sessions you will notice an improvement of overall health. With the right exercises can come back to normal blood pressure, strengthen bones, it becomes easier to breathe, improve sleep. So, if your house is there is such a great trainer, do not throw it up and do not make a hanger for clothes. Over time, do not have to force myself to get it, but from themselves sessions you will receive satisfaction. Eating a portion of food to 200 grams, you should stop eating. Yes, it's not easy, but it is a necessary measure, if you really want to lose weight.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Learning to run for fat loss

Learning to run for fat loss
Learning to run for fat loss

Learning to run for fat loss ?

Treadmill is a good thing, but if you do not know how to properly use it, you will not get the result.
 Many say that, for a two-month run, and not losing weight by Kyle Leon.

The reason may be lurking in your diet, and maybe a treadmill, more precisely, not in itself, and in your classroom. It is important to choose the best for yourself mode, monitor heart rate, because, as you know, fat is burned at a certain heart rate. Overeating - is the most common reason for having extra pounds. You consume more than spend, hence there is excess weight.

Overeating is bad for the fact that expands the stomach wall and we want to eat more and more. To lose weight on the treadmill, get rid of The Customized Fat Loss – the program offers the following suggestion: Exercise should start with warming up, so just walk 15-20 minutes on the treadmill. Beginners should start with not very high speed.

Then you can increase the load and proceed directly to run. During the exercises keep your back straight, stomach; lightly draw in, shoulders and chest stretch. Arms bent at the elbows, and while running, they should be moved back and forth. Just as you do in ordinary running. Before the end of classes should be reduced pace, gradually going to move. This will avoid the pain in the muscles and lead to normal functioning of the heart of the system.

Monday, 23 September 2013

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Treadmill to reduce the weight

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Treadmill to reduce the weight - This will start the metabolism an hour before each session, it is necessary to attempt best of all, if the food is carbohydrate. This may be more or cereal bread. After training on a treadmill you can eat only 1-1.5 hours.

Kyle Leon During the exercises recommended to drink clean water, as during the run is displayed plenty of fluids, and it needs to be filled. Drinking water should be available during the day, not less than l.

To lose weight on the treadmill, it is necessary to eat right. You can go on a diet, but it is best to simply remove from your diet harmful and unprofitable products. If the power is inadequate, then the effect of training on the treadmill cannot wait. How to deal with fat deposits -

The treadmill will help you lose weight only if you get it 4-5 times a week - No longer recommended as a couple of days to give your muscles to recover. One lesson - not less than 30 minutes - For beginners, you can start with less time, gradually increasing it. You can do this: a few days a week to run for 30 minutes, a few at 45 and at least one day for an hour. Interrupt classes undesirable. Make it a rule to get to the track at one and the same time.

Customized Fat Loss Review - the methods of losing weight

the methods of losing weight
the methods of losing weight
Customized Fat Loss Review Referring to the doctor - Or rather, to the methods of losing weight after childbirth, which was developed by MD MM Ginsburg and let this be the first step to losing weight:
• Gradually increase the physical stress on the body, starting with toning exercises and walks with the baby.

• Normalize sleep.

• Connect the water treatments and massages.

• Make the right diet (of which will be discussed later). To lose weight nursing mother is sufficient to adhere to the above procedure, because it:

• First, improving;

• Second, gradually reduces weight, normalizes blood lipid profile and blood pressure;

• Third, do not allow immunity and decrease fat content of milk;

• And fourth, to give lasting weight loss results! Particular way of life - As mentioned above, the life of a woman who became a mother changes dramatically and not just changing - it requires a special order of the day, which should be based primarily on the care of the baby: walking, bathing, sleeping, exercise, and breast-feeding.

In fact, all these efforts by themselves help to lose weight nursing mother - However, not everyone. Why? The main reason for the delay extra pounds in the body of a woman who gave birth - her own mistakes in diet and lifestyle. Rather than establish a strict regime for yourself and for the baby. Kyle Leon Review

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Anyone who is overweight

Anyone who is overweight
Anyone who is overweight

Customized Fat Loss Review By Kyle Leon - Anyone who is overweight, I want to say: do not turn in on them, do not make the debilitating hunger strikes, and do not look for some kind of miracle pills that two days will make you look like Keira Knightley.

So how to lose weight nursing mother, while her husband did not do it single mother with overweight? Well, or just to feel confident, beautiful and desirable.

This is today's talk Get Rid of the obesity issue with . The Customized Fat Loss Program. Just understand that the weight depends on the state of health, and, above all, we need to strengthen it, and do not deplete the body ordinary fangled diets. Treadmills are mechanically and electrically. So, when it comes to losing weight, then the best option would be electric treadmill. As a nursing mom lose weight?

The birth of a child - perhaps this is the only event in the life of a woman, which is at the same time so many different emotions: elation, excitement, anxiety, fear, feelings, and sometimes even panic and depression. And if the first emotions settle down very soon, the latter threatened to stay for a long time. Especially if the woman is over-corrected after birth, the return to normal forms is questionable also because almost all of the diet after birth is contraindicated, and time for self-care in the newly-minted moms.

The Customized Fat Loss Review - how many calories you take

The Customized Fat Loss Review - how many calories you take
The Customized Fat Loss Review - how many calories you take

Kyle Leon - That is not necessary to paint straight on the clock - when and how many calories you take. By the way, I'm generally opposed to frantically count calories!

Nervous woman, obsessed with diets and constantly fearful of eating too much is unlikely to be attractive in the eyes of others. It is important to keep a positive attitude, take care of business, but not to make the process of losing weight the meaning of life. So, here's my system - The morning I decided to start with a jog.

First, it is great cheers - he out on the street at dawn time. The street is fresh, nice. The general atmosphere unwittingly suggests the philosophical reflections. I make sure to keep an average of three laps of our school field.

Then - thirty times squat and do arm exercises, which consist in imitating movements of swimmers. Immediately after running on an empty stomach I started taking flax seed - by handful, washed down with a glass of water.

By the way, it is useful not only for weight loss, but also in general for rejuvenation and prevention of many diseases, among which is the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract, as well as diabetes, etc. Completely give up sweets I was not going to, because life without little goodies would have seemed to me too gray. Customized Fat Loss Review

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Why I started to get better

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Why I started to get better, Why I started to get better
The Customized Fat Loss Review - Why I started to get better, Why I started to get better

The Customized Fat Loss Review - Why I started to get better? Trite answer is simple: from laziness! I got a new job, where most of the time has to sit. With work, I immediately go home. And my husband is - confectioner, and oh, how I like to indulge all sorts of goodies! Over time, life became less fun, more get-togethers at home for dinner.

And imperceptibly cock was all right slope so right and left nothing at all. At first I did not attach any importance to this, but then, seeing as the skin on the thighs becomes loose and sags - thoughtful. No, my husband did not give up and did not blame for the extra kilos.

He always told me he loved me not for looks, but for the punch line, which is inherent only to me one. But I myself was a bit awkward. When you love a person involuntarily want to be the best for him, and my character by nature combative, so that somewhere inside rang the alarm. Since I am a lover of meditation, the first thing I was thinking. Estimated starting position - by the time my weight has reached a little over 80 pounds. Plus - cellulite.

The results are disappointing. I have re-read and analyzed a lot of recommendations for weight reduction. They were all very different, and I realized that the main thing in this case, as indeed, any other - to develop its own system.

The Customized Fat Loss Review – Weight loss system of Alice

Weight loss system of Alice
Weight loss system of Alice

The Customized Fat Loss Review Most likely, your work will bring you pleasure, well-being will also be at a height, and your circle of friends has grown considerably.

The most important thing in life is motivation. It is by the way a problem with losing weight is not the last. My weight loss system - The story of Alice My name is Alice, and I want to share their achievements at the front against the enemy number one for women - overweight.

I must say that the self-esteem I'm fine, I never aspired to be like "planks" models and was quite happy with my weight. Growth was169 cm, and the average weight - 65 kg. I'm not skinny; I have a butt, which many would have seemed indecent volume.

My weight is usually in the summer time is slightly reduced, and in the winter - is added, and it is absolutely normal find the detailed review at Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Program. So if you decided to change your life for the better, then it's time to reconsider its attitude to his own appearance and, if necessary, start to lose weight, choosing the right diet and exercise complex.
 And your incentive, the dream of a healthy and beautiful body, would encourage you to be active. The main thing is that you never for a moment doubted his abilities and did not deviate from your chosen path to achieve its goal - to lose weight.

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Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review What is necessary for New Year’s Diet

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review What is necessary for New Year’s Diet
Kyle Leon Review What is necessary for New Year’s Diet

 Kyle Leon - If the New Year's diet is necessary, it is desirable, of course, consult a doctor, a nutritionist, but if you cannot, here are some tips from the expert. Junket with colleagues Customized Fat Loss.

The worst thing in compliance with the New Year's diet - corporate focuses on meetings of New Year, which are usually held in advance, knock off the usual rate, and after just a few days left.

But on the table at the restaurant so many goodies in the morning and it's clear that every effort spent on maintaining a Christmas diets have gone to waste. Give up? Do not be. But you can find on the table salads, fruit, take less alcohol, not yielding to provocations and including willpower. Remember that New Year's Eve you have to be compelling.

An extra piece of meat can spoil everything. "Its' diet - New Year's diets themselves are very different. And to choose the one that you need, responsibly. The best option - a diet designed for a month or two. But if you fear that exposure is not enough, you can select a shorter, but not less than a week. Look what products are contained in the diet menu, whether among them those that you are contraindicated, and has natural anti-depressants (citrus, iron, fiber). With this New Year's diet can drink unlimited water and tea, green is better without sugar.

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Express diet for 5 days

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Estonian diet - is an express diet for 5 days, and its main rule - the separation of the products, i.e., in one day used only one product. · So on day 1 - 6 boiled eggs; · 2nd day - Half a kilo of fat-free yogurt. You should not fill with sour cream; ·

The third day. 700 g of white meat chicken, the best fillet; · Day 4 - 200 grams of cooked rice; · Day 5 - 6 medium boiled potatoes. With diet to exclude salt intake, she calories, if you feel faint, you can eat an apple or a pear that fill the lack of iron in the body, and immediately feel better.

These fruits are perfectly combined with other products. By the way, the diet Robert Atkins, a famous nutritionist, based just on the optimal combination of food. Express diet for 7 days - For a week to get rid of 5kg - fantastic, here to help us come to the Europeans express diet for 7 days is built on the ideal combination of products. Such diets allow you to lose weight quickly, and you cannot go too far with them. Otherwise disturbed metabolism and it takes a lot of trouble.
 If you follow the rapid diet for 5 days, and then stick it to just 5 days, rather than two, and not a week.

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Sample menu for express diet

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Sample menu for express diet

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Breakfast - 1 green apple (generally, subject to the express diet for 3 days, for 5, or any other diet, avoid red and orange fruits - they contain a lot of glucose); · 1 banana; · 1 slice of bran bread (option - a boiled egg); ·

200 grams of yogurt (optional - 1 cup of milk). Lunch · 200 g of boiled potatoes (no salt); · 100 g granulated cottage cheese (optional - 50 g white meat poultry or 2 tablespoons of boiled beans). Dinner · 100 g pasta (required hard wheat - every Italian is such eats 50 kg per year - none of them are obese); ·

1 tomato (several options: 100 g shrimp, '50 white meat, a portion of green salad). And drink lots of water; do not drink tea, coffee or juice. If you really want juice - fresh and will only fit quite a bit. And they can be refilled with fruit salads.

There generally can be given to clear up a lot of imagination and invent dietary prescriptions. Express diet for 5 days.

Estonian women - the most slender girl Baltic, and helps them look old diet, which was used during their grandmothers before important events. If all of these foods you will eat apples (in moderation, of course), the combination would be ideal. Better yet, make the most of these apples or pears juice or make a pure.

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Fitness exercises for beginners

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review Fitness exercises for beginners
Fitness exercises for beginners

Customized Fat LossKyle Leon Review If even a fitness exercises for beginners put you in a stupor, then, most likely, you run yourself to the point where all the joints in the form of excess weight has long experienced, so start doing unusual for them to exercise, you will only be possible. In that case, you will be able to help more loyal to people with excess weight practice - fitness yoga.

This is the direction in the first place; fit people for whom classical fitness exercises will be difficult. If the classic fitness exercises can burn fat as well as strengthen the muscles, the fitness yoga focuses primarily on strengthening and development of the joints.

Her loyal exercises can prepare the body to the point where you can do more complicated classic fitness exercises. Over time, you will be able to diversify the selected complex, adding exercises with the ball at will. To a positive attitude to class you have long survived, certainly crush a protracted exercise into two or more short sessions a day.

An important condition in which the exercise for weight loss and slim figure to be efficacious, is the frequent exposure to the air, and with it the right food with the addition of fruits and vegetables and a minimum of flour and sweet products, eat breakfast, starting your metabolism, and make your daily diet vegetables.

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review - Most popular strengthening exercise

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review - Most popular strengthening exercise
Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review - Most popular
strengthening exercise

Customized Fat Loss – Kyle Leon Review One of the most popular strengthening exercises is to draw in the right hand while the left foot in position, as shown in the figure, with fixing this situation for some time, and then change legs and arms. In addition to the strain on your back for this exercise also strengthens the hips and legs.

 Exercises to strengthen the back at home - Another popular exercise are the deflection at the back of the adoption of the form of the arc. Do it in a number of approaches. Try to stay in position of the arc as long as possible time. Exercises with the ball - A separate area is to provide fitness exercises with the ball. In fact, instead of buying simulators and other equipment can be dispensed by a single unit - the ball.

The most common exercises with the ball in a direction such as Pilates and the ball are called the "fitball". Fitness & Yoga - Home fitness exercise with a ball - Interestingly, in the presence of the ball you have actually removed any scope for home exercise.

With it you can download absolutely any muscle. It is only important to understand how to engage with the ball. Fitness Yoga workout begins with a large number of slopes that allow to develop the back muscles, side, and others, as well as to strengthen the various joints.

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Generally our body is working at the usual pace, the primary source of energy - glucose. It is contained in blood as simply and in our muscle cells in the form of glycogen (as a primary energy source) customized fat loss review.

WHAT'S GOING ON? · Aerobic As load gradually slower heart "Shakes" the blood through the system; the blood accumulates a lactic acid as a metabolic product, which in turn prevents the absorption of oxygen by cells.

Customized fat loss reviews - The amount of oxygen required for oxidation of glucose (in an amount necessary for operation) drops, and the amount of carbon dioxide - is increased to begin hypoxia-hypercapnia. · Increased body temperature, which blocks the respiratory enzymes mitochondria (where oxidation occurs), whereby the energy deficit is further enhanced.


That's when he uses his "super weapon" - FAT. The combustion of oil (oxidation) stands about 10 times more energy (approximately, in different sources - in different ways, from 6 - to 10. But the fact that fat is much more energy-intensive material - is undeniable.)

So now to get energy from glucose in the body does not have enough oxygen, but oxidize the fat cell, it receives energy is several times larger and easily sufficient in energy. HERE WE STARTED AND BURNING FAT WITH THE HELP OF CUSTOMIZED FAT LOSS PROGRAM




Cardio spend for 8-12 hours before or after strength training. Never perform cardio either before or after strength training customized fat loss review.
This means that if you train with weights in the morning, while jogging or pedaling a bicycle in the evenings.

Conversely, if you are training with the bar in the evening, go in cardio in the morning. Ideally cardio is carried out free of strength training days. As already mentioned, the degree of intensity cardio depend both positive effects (increased endurance, reduced fat and strengthen the cardiovascular system) and negative (slowing down and stopping the growth of muscles).

Accurate time synchronization of these two types of training can enhance the positive effects and to minimize the negative.


  • With such training in the body key roles played by two factors: the dosage of hypoxia and hypercapnia. 
  • HYPOXIA – it is known as physiological, moderate deficiency of oxygen in the tissues. 
  • HYPERCAPNIA – it is known as a physiological, moderate excess of carbon dioxide in the same cells. 
Together, these two factors have a very powerful effect of burning fat, not muscle destroying (with proper use). LET US CONSIDER THE EXAMPLE OF RUNNING We began to run, our body "fresh" blood normally circulates throughout the system comes to a sufficient amount of oxygen oxidation of glucose, but for the detailed information about the physical approach for fat loss you must follow the guidelines of Customized fat loss Kyle Leon reviews.




For kyle leon cardio workout it is necessary to carry out 3-5 times a week does not exceed 30 minutes. The key to success is in the selection of the optimal time for cardio.


 Intensity and duration are the main indicators during aerobic work. Latest Scientific studies show that high-intensity, worked out in a short interval of time; helps better fat loss compared to long aerobic activity a low intensity level. Furthermore, there are certain unique physiological features contributing to the restoration muscle and exhibiting them only in high intensity and short time work. Customized fat loss download -
The higher the intensity, the more calories consumed during cardio, and the greater the amount of fat the body burns and most importantly, with a much smaller negative effect on lean muscle tissue. Long-term aerobic work on a low level of intensity negatively affects muscle growth and has almost no effect on the reduction of body fat. Of course, you'll burn calories, but mostly at the expense of lean muscle tissue.

In order to minimize the negative impact aerobics on the muscles, plan activities so as to delay the possible cardio to strength training. In other words, do not perform strength exercises with shells and do not spend cardio on one workout.

Never perform cardio immediately before, or immediately after strength training. Unfortunately, most athletes build their training in this way. This is absolutely the wrong approach.




Due to the exclusion of fast carbohydrates, we eliminate the sharp rise in blood glucose, which would inevitably transformed into fat. Reduce the total caloric value, causing the body to feel the energy deficit, and the use of alternative sources of energy (fat). For more information about the right diet for fat loss can read in the article: “Food for Weight Loss” which can easily be found in Customized Fat Loss Program.


Now, another question arises that I'm more interested in a lot of people burn fat during exercise. Of course, cardio is very important for overall health, and should always be present in your life. But an excessive amount of aerobic devastates muscle energy reserves are used by the body for energy recovery processes.

As according to the recommendations of Kyle Leon customized fat loss free download except order too high aerobic activity also burns and those calories which could be used to provide energy for muscular growth processes.

That is why it is very important to balance cardio and strength training so that you can increase the burning of fat and decrease the negative effect on muscle tissue. The most useful in cardio that it burns fat in minimum time but this can only happen while minimizing the negative impact on muscle growth factors, such as intensity, duration and time of strength training.




In fact, sodium this not evil monster, how many see it, and your faithful and reliable friend. You have to learn how to use the properties of this material for their own purposes. Sodium is actively involved in many metabolic processes Kyle Leon.

By limiting its welcome, you make it more difficult transportation of nutrients, reduce the amount of muscle cells, reduce the activity of digestive enzymes and increase susceptibility to soft tissue damage, therefore, while sodium reduction in the total number of calories actually helps training. However, one must know when to stop. Excessive consumption of sodium promotes water retention in the body.

Water is not fat, but still it will give you unnecessary amounts. Besides an excessive consumption of calcium salts outputs from the organism, this is required athletes, and also promotes other risks. Therefore you measure, the more necessary amount of sodium to the body can be obtained from conventional and specialty products. Salt can also severely limit the athletes during the last week of drying, e.g., prior to the competition.

You have to exclude alcohol, spices, soups, sauces and other foods that increase appetite and have a high glycemic index. At first glance, this diet seems daunting. In fact, it's easier than you think. Due to what's going on burning fat, I think you clearly must follow the research based method Customized fat loss review for the further info about strategies to combat fat reserves naturally.




Remember the customized fat loss review is better to reduce the amount of calories; you increase the amount of cardio. Large volume depletes muscle energy reserves, which negatively affects muscle growth. Remember, in order to get rid of fat, you must burn more calories than you are eating.

The easiest way to solve this problem is within reason to reduce the total number of calories. Customized fat loss review - This method will help you save as a bulk muscle mass to the end of your stay at the precompetitive diet.

Determine your energy levels can learn your basal metabolism (calories your body burns at rest) and adding to it the amount of calories you spend on everyday needs (this figure depends on the way of life).


As a rule, it is not less than 100 g this protein food increases the energy of the body and the basal metabolic rate, as well as promotes release of growth hormone (HGH), and reduces the feeling of hunger.


Many athletes mistakenly limit the amount of water consumed by 1 - 1.2 liters. Per day, explaining that there is increased fat breakdown, as a source of domestic water. But in fact, eating an adequate rate of water (30 ml per 1 kg of body weight), you help your body process fat stores!
The amount of water can be reduced only during the drying, for example, one week before the race.





We must stick to the diet, balanced protein, fat and carbohydrates!


Determine your individual energy minimum and reduce it to 150 calories. Every week, and evaluate its shape, depending on the results, adjust the total calories. If you feel that you are losing fat fast enough, it reduces the total calorie intake by 150 calories. First of all, reduce the amount of calories from fat and carbohydrates. Reduction in calories, especially at the expense of the fastest and most simple carbohydrates that is sweet (sugar, cakes and so on). But see that you did not have "carbohydrate depletion," you do not want the collapse of muscle mass. Reduce the amount of fat in the diet, depending on body weight. Generally, by the rules of nutrition: protein - 30-35%, carbohydrates - 50-55% and 15-20% fats. Of course, here we replace the part of carbohydrates - to proteins and trimmed of fat (about 70-80 g. Daily). Regarding the consideration of Customized Fat Loss Program Review approximately 40% of fat must be unsaturated fatty acids such as vegetable oils. Let the figure of 80 g. Do not be afraid of fat. In fact, 90% of the fat is deposited from carbohydrates and only 10% of the fact that we eat. So, in fact, it turns out that the main enemy in the diet - the carbohydrates, especially fast.





As according to MR. Kyle Leon your ultimate goal is not to get rid of fat, but also to maintain muscle mass, and even continue to actively increase it. In fact, very few athletes know how to do it.


So, your goal is to get rid of body fat without losing muscle mass, facilitate the training of weight and increase the number of repetitions - the bad idea that you can visit (especially during competitive training). Many athletes somehow believe that this contributes to the appearance of the terrain. Nothing like that - Be aware that when you lift weights, your body is working in the anaerobic, not aerobic mode. In other words, strength training is not aerobic, and not just aerobics, therefore, increased the number of repetitions and lighter weights do not burn fat and reduce muscle volume and reduce the level of force.

Customized fat loss Kyle Leon review tell us to get rid of fat without losing muscle mass we need, you have to include in their classes right cardio and diet. If your goal - to build muscle mass, then a diet, keep training program for building mass is also included in this program cardio but more on that below. Remember, light weight does not relieve you of the excess fat! So, first you have to put in order the diet!




If you are used to eat a lot of bread, pasta, cereals and other sources of carbohydrates, try to fill these gap foods that contain healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocados, peanut oil, as well as healthy proteins such as lean meats, homemade eggs, dairy products, like customized fat loss review.

FAT BURNING This article will talk about the underlying mechanisms by which fat is burned and that this requires. Naturally, I will touch on only the main aspects, as everything in one article is impossible to tell. Most athletes find themselves in a quandary when it comes time to burn excess fat. They do not really know how it's done.

However, first you need to understand how these surpluses appear in the body. Briefly, this is as follows. With the help of Customized fat loss download - When you are eating more calories than your body can burn, it is in a state of positive energy balance, he had unused calories (regardless of source) to convert into fat and put it back "in reserve".

As already mentioned, the number of calories burned determines will you increase or, alternatively, reduce body fat. Theoretically, it is easy, but in practice there are always additional challenges and obstacles. Now, having understood the problem, you can begin to search for the solution. But there is another problem, more obstacles that you will face in the process of getting rid of fat.




The Kyle Leon people trying to lose weight should follow the following principles in the use of carbohydrates: · Cut in the diet of foods containing simple carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, rice, crackers, biscuits, breads, pastries, cereals, etc.).

Such products contain a large amount of sugar. For example, 100 grams of biscuits, rice, mashed potatoes contains 4 tablespoons sugar in pasta - 4.5 tablespoons of sugar, and in confectionery and cereals - 5 table spoons of sugar. · Instead of simple carbs, try to eat foods which contain complex carbohydrates: vegetables, sweet potatoes, and a variety of fruits and berries (fruit juices are not considered, there is no dietary fiber and other important nutrients). The sugar content in them is minimal, and thus the nutritional value is high.

For example, 100 grams of fruit (apples, oranges, bananas, pears, lemon, strawberry, pineapple, etc.) contained only 0.6 tablespoons of sugar, as well as 100 grams of berries (raspberries, gooseberries, currants, cherries). Eaten 100 grams of legumes (beans, peas, beans), along with a vegetable protein give only 1 tablespoon of sugar, and vegetables - at 0.2 tablespoons of sugar.

Resources by the reviews of Kyle Leon customized fat loss PDF - As you can see, everything is very simple, and the conclusion is obvious: giving preference to their food simple carbohydrates, we cannot help stock the sugar your body, while foods that contain complex carbohydrates provide your body with nutrients while minimizing saturated with sugar.