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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Reduce the load

Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Reduce the load
Customized fat loss by Kyle Leon- Reduce the load

Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon  

 Reduce the load and decelerate the movement in bodybuilding and fat loss says Customized fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon Those who practice bodybuilding knows that the load used is associated with increased muscle mass.

The more charges, the more the results but to achieve this goal in less time, you can also use other strategies, such as speed, for example. The final phase of the exercise in strength training, also known as eccentric, if done at a slower rate than the initial reaches boost metabolism and even the strength of who performs the activity

"We hold more weight in the eccentric phase, since the muscles lengthens. We do a little stronger concentric phase and prioritize the eccentric movement of the arms up and down," said Triage Magnus, physical educator of WM Fitness. It is also important not to drop the weight once because off the biceps muscle and there is a very large impact on the joint. In the lower limbs, the movement is also important to be less rapid.

Practice and note the results. "In bodybuilding you cannot increase the amount of load or speed of the exercise at will. Teacher monitoring is necessary. Aerobic we also should not increase stress, such as weight or incline without the technical support professional," reveals.
Heating According to Limeira, you must always perform a warm up before starting an activity "Trotting before the race, 'play ball' before football, or run more reps with low load before the first series in bodybuilding" exemplifies the orthopedist.

These signals to the body that will start physical activity already static stretching is directed toward more flexible with Customized fat loss scam by Kyle Leon.

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